Spirit of Japan

OMD International becomes a bridge of Ghana and Japan

“Funabashi Co., Ltd.”, a Ghanaian local corporation of OOKIMUSENDENKI, Co., Ltd. (OMD Group), was established in Kumasi City, Ghana. This company was inspired by and named after the call “Let’s make Funabashi one of the most familiar cities to Africa!” in 2016, in the activities of Funabashi Young Entrepreneurs Group (Funabashi YEG) where the president of our company Mr. Takeshi Ooki acts as the chairman, with the expectation that it will be a company that spans Ghana and Funabashi.

At the present time, we are operating the energy business centering on solar power generation and the pig raising business.

In the pig raising business, we are projecting the delivery of hundreds of pigs this year, and in the solar power generation business, we were involved in laying solar systems for the Ghanaian public institute Building and Road Research Institute (BRRI).

This time, we will be committed to undertaking the business of Honda-made power products by newly positioning it as the third important pillar as the OMD group’s Ghanaian local corporation, in addition to the energy solution and pig raising businesses.

This time, we got inquiries from Honda Motor Co., Ltd. for the reason that Funabashi Co., Ltd. has been doing various businesses, and we concluded a distributor agreement of selling Honda’s power products like power generators, pumps, general-purpose engines and lawn mowers in Ghana, thereby dealing with the Honda brand in Kumasi City, Ghana.

Right now, we are steadily making preparations for opening the agency, which is scheduled at an early date! In this connection, we are projecting to develop it as an antenna shop, where a number of Japan-made products besides Honda’s power products would be introduced locally and in the future varied Japanese products could be touched, experienced and sold!

In order to contribute to the improvement of further recognition of the Honda brand and merchandise of CoolJapan in the African market, the development of the local industries and increased employment, we are determined to open official shops in Ghana and develop them more aggressively than before as a sales base in West Africa.